Fixed Windows Build + WIP macOS Build

So as it turned out, our game was actually broken! While we would like to make a joke about this being a meta-commentary on the nature of broken games, the truth is that I uploaded the incorrect file to Itch. Luckily, it has been fixed, allowing you to enjoy This Fighting Game is Broken in its intended format.

To make up for the botched release, we have also uploaded a work in progress macOS version of the game. While it is fully playable, the UI has not been properly scaled, resulting in a smaller than expected game view and some misplaced text. We plan on fixing these changes some time in the future and offering a new build, but for now enjoy the WIP version along with the proper PC release!


Windows Build 19 MB
Feb 04, 2020
macOS Build (Work in Progress) 22 MB
Feb 04, 2020

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