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You are a game developer working on a successful fighting game. There’s just one problem - the game’s fighters are imbalanced! Different fans want different things from this balance, not to mention your boss and the game's esports Sponsor, Pop-Aid! The scene is split on the game, and it’s your job to fix it!

You will create balance patches for your fighting game by modifying character stats. You will get feedback from your different constituents about the game, hinting at their desires. Your boss wants characters to follow their planned archetypes, based on their descriptions and designs. Your sponsor, not knowing much about game dev, requires a random stat change each session. The other groups then have different preferences, which they will hint at.

You have four quarters to satisfy everyone, and each change eats up your limited quarterly budget, so choose wisely! Make the right changes and bring harmony to the FGC!

Originally created for the Global Game Jam 2020 with the theme of "repair" (in this case, fixing broken fighting game characters).


Michael Alvarez
Christopher Brown
Stan Chou
Dakota Hernandez
Edgar San Martin


Windows Build 19 MB
macOS Build (Work in Progress) 22 MB

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